MiLB Umpire Assignments for 2018 League Championship Games

Sep 6th, 2018

Congratulations to the following MiLB Umpires who were selected to work their respective League Championship games!

John Bostwick (PCL)
John Bacon (IL)
Blake Felix (PCL)
Alex Tosi (IL)

John Bacon
Dan Merzel
Jeremy Riggs
Alex Tosi

John Bostwick
Blake Felix
Mike Cascioppo
J.J. January

John Mang
Randy Rosenberg
Mike Savakinas
Jacob Metz

Alex MacKay
Matt Winter
Chase Eade
Jonathan Parra

Kyle McCrady
Jon Felczak
Cody Oaks
Jeff Gorman

Darius Ghani
Luis Hernandex
Randy Wilmes
Matt Cowan

Austin Jones
Ben Phillips
Matt Brown
Mark Bass

Sam Burch
Mark Stewart
Michael Carroll
Matt Carylon

Harrison Silverman
Chris Presley
Steven Jaschinski
Steve Hodgins

Kelvis Velez
Hardlen Acosta
Anthony Warner
Justin Whiddon

Adam Pierce
Colin Baron
Clay Williams
Thomas O'Neil

James Jean
Jae-Young Kim
Edwin Jimenez
Sean Cassidy

Emma Charlesworth-Seiler
A.J. Choc
Ray Patchen
Jeff Hamann

Robert Tassone
Mathew Herrera
J.P. Perez
Rene Gallegos

Glen Meyerhofer
Kevin Levine
Ethan Gorsak
Brandon Dinslage

Mitch Trzeciak
Joe Belangia
Harper Hyer
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