Windsor Single Tone Electronic Whistle

WIN-8308 Windsor Single Tone Electronic Whistle

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  • WIN-8308 Windsor Single Tone Electronic Whistle
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The Windsor Single Tone Electronic Whistle can be used while wearing a cloth face mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

It is hand-operated and a great, sanitary solution for referees. At 105 decibels, it produces a loud, powerful and consistent blast every time.


  • Loud, consistent sound every time
  • Easier to give verbal commands without a whistle in the user's mouth
  • Each set of AAA batteries produce more than 1000 blasts
  • Loud 105db whistle sound can be aimed in the exact direction intended
  • Improve hygiene - hand operated instead of mouth blown, sanitary for multiple people


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Official Reviews


Rick C.

Villa Park, IL

October 18, 2020
Looking forward to using this for basketball.

Nunzio T.

Orlando, FL

October 7, 2020
Not very loud, used for one half, went back to a standard whistle.

Harris J.

Baltimore, MD

October 5, 2020
This is nice and loud, more convenient for me. I work the umpire position on the football field and only need to blow a whistle very few times during a game anyway. But can have in my hand for a pre-snap infraction, but once the ball is snapped can let it go since it's wrapped around my wrist.

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