Fox 40 Mini Electronic Whistle

W-MINI-EL Fox 40 Mini Electronic Whistle

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  • W-MINI-EL Fox 40 Mini Electronic Whistle
  • W-MINI-EL Fox 40 Mini Electronic Whistle with Features
  • W-MINI-EL Fox 40 Mini Electronic Whistle Lanyard Attachment
  • W-MINI-EL Fox 40 Mini Electronic Whistle Light
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Looking for a whistle that can be used while wearing a cloth face mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

This Fox 40 Mini Electronic Whistle is hand-operated and a great, sanitary solution for referees. At 110 decibels, it is as powerful as any traditional Fox 40 whistle.


  • Utilizes a push button, which offers a hygienic solution for multiple operators
  • Provides a loud, clear and consistent sound every time
  • 110 db
  • Includes an LED light for optimal use
  • Ultra slim body design
  • Lanyard has button-style spring-loaded adjustable cord lock with small release buckle and mobile device-style loop attachment
  • Includes metal ring, clip, lanyard and batteries

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Fox 40 Electronic Whistle Mini


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Official Reviews


Jeffrey C.

Cary, NC

September 19, 2020
This whistle is very weak sounding. Tried to use it in a VB match with no fans. Could not be heard by my R2 or the players. Save your money, & pass on this.

Gerald W.

Rineyville, KY

June 28, 2020
Thus far I think the new electronic whistle is going to be good. It definitely does not hinder giving signals as I tried that in my driveway. The only question right now is how the whistle will perform in large, loud outdoor venues. Otherwise, it's a great addition. The 4 stars are because I haven't been able to put it to use in a large loud venue yet.

Michael K.

Cortlandt Manor, NY

June 27, 2020
Not knowing if we will need to wear masks this upcoming Volleyball season due to the Corona Virus I bought this whistle so I will be able to work as a Referee. Its design is good and after trying it upon delivery I know it will work, very loud. Grateful that sports are coming back.

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Questions About This Product

Q: For the Fox 40 electronic whistle, did what kind of batteries does it take?
– Bobby Hensley Jr

This whistle will require 4 L1154F cell batteries. They are included in this purchase.

– Hunter Fry
Customer Service Specialist, Former Basketball Referee

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