2022 Umpire Camps & Clinics Schedule

Sep 30th, 2022

We love supporting great umpire training opportunities. We encourage all umpires to improve and/or brush up on their skills & knowledge each year.

2022 Umpire Camps & Clinics Schedule

Umpire Training Institute

Umpire Training Institute

October 7th - 9th; 2-Umpire Mechanics Clinic (Phoenix, Arizona) This clinic is for veterans and non-veterans. Verified veterans will receive a veteran's discount.
October 13th - 16th; 3-Umpire Mechanics Clinic (Phoenix, Arizona)
October 27th - 30th; 4-Umpire Mechanics Clinic (Phoenix, Arizona)

UTI would like to invite all levels of baseball umpires to join in an affordable, reliable and consistent foundation of a life long umpire learning experience. The on-site clinics and on-line training webinars are second-to-none opportunities. Limited class sizes make for one-on-one instruction.

Instruction by: Travis Katzenmeier (CWS) 
Jason Rogers (CWS)
Steve Mattingly (CWS)
Joe Burleson (CWS)
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Special Guests: MLB Umpires Ted Barrett (#65) & Alfonzo Marquez (#72)

Collegiate Baseball Umpires Assigning Organization

October 12th - 16th; 3-Umpire Mechanics Clinic (Lasorda Legacy Park, formerly Baseball Heaven in Yaphank, New York)

CBUAO/ECUA Clinic offers hands-on teaching and evaluation from some of the top Division 1 college baseball umpires and instructors in the Northeast Region.

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TRUBLU Umpires

September 24th - 26th; 2 & 3-Umpire Mechanics Camp (Lipscomb Univeristy, Nashville, Tennessee) 

No experience needed. 
Staff work in D1 conferences including SEC, ACC, The Valley and down. We will use VR training technology, Track man analysis, hands on instruction, and video rules sessions.

Steel City Umpire Camp

October 13th - 15th4-Umpire Mechanics Advanced Camp (Hoover, Alabama)

Come learn from officials that have seen great success in college baseball. Add new approaches to your tool belt by learning what has worked for them from candid experience and lessons learned. SCUC has organized a quality staff of chief instructors and conference coordinators for you to learn and gain exposure from!

Conference Coordinator in attendance
Paul Guillie (SEC)

See full instructor list...

 Mid American Umpire Clinic

Mid-American Umpire Clinic

September 22nd - 25th; Advanced Umpire Clinic (Kansas City, Missouri)

The clinic is designed to provide college umpires with the skills and attitude necessary to advance their careers to the NCAA Division I and Division II levels. 

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Umpire Focus Camps

October 5th - 9th3-Umpire Camp (Riverside, California) - Sorry, this camp is Sold Out!
October 12th - 16thHybrid 2- & 3-Umpire Camp (Riverside, California) Sorry, this camp is Sold Out!

November 2nd - 6th; 
4-Umpire Camp (Phoenix, Arizona) - 
For umpires wanting to not only learn the 4-umpire system, but also learn how to take all plays 360-degrees at every base. This camp is primarily for D1 and D2 umpires, but also anyone who may need 4-umpire system and advanced training. Training sessions and live games will take place at Arizona State University and Tempe Diablo Stadium, Spring Training home of the L.A. Angels of Anaheim.

Our mission is to provide training and resources to help umpires advance and accomplish their goals, as well as to work towards replacing a generation of umpires lost via the current shortage. 

Instruction by: Adam Dowdy (7-year MLB Fill-In & 3-time CWS Umpire)

Umpire Focus has teamed with UMPS CARE Charities, and a percentage of our merchandise sales will be donated to UMPS CARE. A raffle/auction will also take place at each of the 3 camps.

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Diamond Umpire Academy
Training and development for fast-pitch softball umpires.

October 28th - 30th (Raleigh, North Carolina)

DUA staff strives to provide quality training and development opportunities to fast-pitch softball umpires of all levels. Our staff of veteran elite and post season softball umpires are here to provide one-on-one and group training to help aspiring softball umpires reach their highest goals.

See full list of instructors...

MLB Youth Academy Free 1-Day Camp

December 10th 7:30am - 3:30pmCompton MLB Youth Academy (Compton, California)
Register by emailing COMPTONUYA@MLB.COM

Hosted by MLB Umpire Malachi Moore, this free 1-day camp in Compton, CA targets youth umpires to train and educate in the 2-umpire mechanics system and general umpiring. Staff includes MLB & MiLB umpires. Special Guest, MLB Umpire Supervisor Cris Jones. 

 MLB Umpire Camps

MLB Umpire Camps

More Coming in 2023!

These one-of-a-kind one-day prospecting camps occur throughout the U.S. and are run by MLB evaluators, current MLB umpires and MiLB supervisors. Select attendees will have the opportunity to attend the MLB Umpire Prospect Development Camp, a 4-week course and interview held in Vero Beach, FL. The Prospect Development Camp is the gateway for a career as an MiLB umpire.

NORCAL Free 1-Day Umpire Clinic

December 17th; (Stockton, California)
Free Clinic for Middle School Umpires and Up!
Click HERE for camp flyer.

Instruction by:
MLB Call-Up Umpire Malachi Moore
MLB Umpire Gabe Morales
MLB Call-Up Umpire Lew Williams

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Before you go, see our Umpire Camp Uniform Checklist: 7 Tips & Products to Make Your Best Impression

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