Reebok Zig Magistrate All-Black Low Umpire Plate Shoes

Reebok Black Zig Umpire Plate Shoes

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  • Reebok Black Zig Umpire Plate Shoes
  • Reebok Black Zig Umpire Plate Shoes
  • Reebok Zig Magistrate All-Black Low Umpire Plate Shoes
  • Reebok Black Zig Umpire Plate Shoes - Sole
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This shoe is the low-cut, all-black version of the Reebok Zig Magistrate Umpire Plate Shoe.

  • Full-length ZigTech midsole provides lightweight cushioning and flexibility
  • Molded TPU toe provides maximum lightweight protection for entire forefoot
  • TPU medial and lateral instep guard provides protection for top of foot between toe and the umpire's shinguard
  • Performance synthetic leather upper, lightweight, breathable and extremely comfortable
  • Soft padded tongue and collar lining with 360 ETC which wicks moisture away, helping keep the foot cool and comfortable
  • Molded EVA footbed with ETC top cover helps reduce friction and heat build up, providing a more comfortable experience
  • Aggressive molded rubber turf outsole which provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces
  • Available in D width only (Reebok does not make Zig shoes in wide widths)
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Customer Reviews


Pat K.

Indianapolis, IN

July 16, 2014
I bought these midway through the season last year. While they were very comfortable, I did 13 games in them last year and 6 games this season before the top guard broke free on the right shoe. Upon further inspection, the left one is almost broke free as well. I would never buy these again. Too much money for too little usage.

Aloha 1

Honolulu, HI

June 23, 2014
Nice plate shoe, comfortable, runs narrow so size 1 up.

John G.

Jacksonville, FL

June 18, 2014
I ended up sending these back because they didn't fit, but I would have sent them back regardless. I like the look of them, but was unsure of how it would perform in wetter conditions. The tread would be fine, but there is space between the sole and the rest of the shoe due to its design, and I'm scared mud, dirt and rocks could congregate there and become uncomfortable or annoying. Like I said, I returned them before testing them on the field, but it was one of my concerns.

Troy T.

Chesterfield, VA

June 3, 2014
Most comfortable shoes I have ever owned!!! More comfortable than my base shoes which are Nike Diamond Trainers. I bought a pair of the base shoes because these plate shoes were so comfortable.



December 24, 2013
I have to say this line of Reebok Plate and field shoes are the worst I have ever purchased. The quality of the shoe breaks down quickly and not worth the money.

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