Reebok Zig Magistrate Umpire Base Shoes - Black and White

Reebok Zig Magistrate Umpire Base Shoes - Black and White

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  • Reebok Zig Magistrate Umpire Base Shoes - Black and White
  • Reebok Zig Magistrate Umpire Base Shoes - Black and White
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Reebok Zig’s unique design allows key muscles to do less, so you can focus on officiating the game. Its patented sole technology traditionally available for athletes conserves and returns energy for a soft and springy ride. The striping and cleated bottoms provide great traction and make it a great football or lacrosse referee shoe.


  • ZigTech EVA outsole for excellent lightweight cushioning
  • Synthetic leather upper is breathable and flexible for easy break-in.
  • Breathable Play-Dry mesh lining
  • Anti-Friction lining reduces friction and heat build up allowing superior comfort and performance.
  • Cleated sole
  • Black with white accents and sole


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Customer Reviews


Greg Ferguson

Tishomingo, OK

August 23, 2013
I got these shoes in the spring of 2013 and absolutely loved them. After working about 35-40 games in the spring they still looked great. Worked alot of legion ball in them this summer and the white on the sides of them are starting to peel off of the side. Kinda frusterating. A very confortable shoe but only 3 stars because of the white peeling off

Michael Wraa

San Mateo, California

December 17, 2012
Love my Zig's. Talk about an energy drink for your feet! As a Travel ball umpire, working 5-6 games a day requires conserving as much energy as possible while looking good and providing quality umpiring. These Reeboks are great. I just got my Zig plate shoes and can't wait to use them. Great for big men and those who are not so quick. These shoes are great on the field and easy to clean. I will be buying a new set for the next season, but only because I want the newest version these shoes have no wear/tear after one season. Very surprising and a good job to Reebok.

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