All Star 4-Dial Die Cast Metal Umpire Indicator - 3/2/2 Count

All Star 4-Dial Die Cast Metal Umpire Indicator - 3/2/2 Count

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The heavily requested heavy duty metal umpire indicator with no-look notches is here.


  • Counts to 3 balls, 2 strikes, 2 outs and 9 innings
  • With varied notches along each dial for balls, strikes and outs, one, with some practice, can "read" or reset the numbers to 0 on each without looking.
  • Die cast metal will make for a durable indicator to keep in your bag for a long time.
  • Fits easily into all ball bags
  • Easy-to-read, large numbers
  • Weighs: 4.4 oz.
  • Measures 3 5/8" high


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Customer Reviews


Kyle H.

Westmoreland, KS

March 7, 2016
Why did nobody tell me these existed when I started umpiring? This is by far the best umpire indicator I have ever used. 1) It does away with the worthless "strike 3" and "ball 4" options (some might not consider this a positive, but I certainly do). 2) You can feel exactly what the status Is without looking. I never miss any game action because I'm resetting my indicator. 3) With a screwdriver, you can take it apart and use a dry lubricant (I use graphite) when it gets stiff. My only regret is that I didn't purchase it sooner.

Jim A.

Neptune City, NJ

November 9, 2015
Had this umpire indicator and tossed it out...too heavy, wheels don't rotate well, not good for hot days and I can never get used to the strikes being first. It makes no sense to have strikes listed first on any indicator....love the 3-2-2 so I bought the cheap plastic one with the balls first and works just as well and it a lot cheaper.

Matt E.


September 21, 2015
I know some reviewers don't, but I like the heft of this. Will see how well it holds up, but early indications are good, particularly compared to cheap plastic indicators. Big fan of the 3-2-2. Two drawbacks. Not fun to hold on a particularly humid day if your hands are sweaty. Also sometimes the wheel rotation is not smooth and you wonder if it will be caught between numbers. I suppose the notching is good for those who want to use it, but I don't see myself doing that. Good thing on the wheels is that they don't end up blistering or hurting your fingers as often happens after a full game using one of the cheaper plastic indicators.

Justin C.


June 2, 2015
This is by far the best indicator on the market. - The "no look" ability of this is fabulous once you learn the groove pattern (its like reading braille) I can go a whole game without looking at my indicator - The weight of this indicator is heavy but I find it makes it easy to find in your ball bag - Well built and will last a very long time - Easy to turn the dials out of the package



September 19, 2014
I read all the bad reviews, all of them complained about the weight of the indicator, this was not an issue for me at all. I'm a bit disappointed, I should have noticed it myself, but when reading the Indicator from left to right it says Strike then Ball. I would have preferred that it would be like my old indicator where it is Ball then Strike. And you know... because we say "3 Balls, 2 Strikes." NOT, 2 Strikes, 3 Balls.

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