Baseball & Softball Umpire Protective Accessories

Top 6 Recommendations in Umpire Protective Accessories:

  1. A 4 or 6-inch umpire throat guard to reduce the gap that exists at an angle on balls in the dirt
  2. Replacing your umpire mask pads (helmets, too) at least every 2 years no matter how much you umpire
  3. Replacing your umpire chest protector harness if your original harness is allowing your chest protector to sag, needing constant re-adjusting and/or exposing your collar bone
  4. New umpire shin guard straps if yours loses elasticity and your shin guards are moving around
  5. A mouthguard if you are a concerned about reducing concussion risk
  6. Forearm or additional padding to keep a bruise protected

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